Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds is a term for human-grown diamonds, created in a lab. They have the same physical and chemical qualities as the usual mined diamonds, but they are multiple times less of a burden to the environment and the areas of origin. The said origin doesn't take away any of their traditional qualities – they are as shiny, hard, luxurious and indistinguishable from natural diamonds. 


We believe that every step towards responsible bussiness counts, that's why we've chosen to use lab-grown diamonds for our jewelry. Carbon print, water usage and electricity used to create them in the lab is lower by multiple times, compared to the mining of natural diamonds. For many decades people have tried to simulate lab conditions so that the diamonds grow in the same way as in their natural habitat, and in the half of the 20th century they succeeded. Thanks to that we can enjoy the quality of diamonds along with the good feeling of responsibility towards the environment and work ethics. While mining, the principles of safe work and adequate evaluation are often tampered, which is unacceptable for us. 


Lab-grown diamonds are the perfect choice for us in Ariette, because they go hand in hand with our philosophy, which is based on a fair attitude, responsibility to the planet and human work, as well as rigorous adherence towards the quality of the materials. Our wish is that the values we believe in are positively projected onto the feeling you get when you wear our jewelry.