Behind the scenes of our photoshoot

Photoshoots are one of the imaginary highlights of the year for us. It means that we have brought all the work on the new products to a successful end. When new pieces are photographed, the cut is already fine-tuned, the best materials are selected, and the final production process is in front of us.

As usual, we have a small team which provides everything that is needed for the photoshoot. The professional model, photographer and make-up artist are complemented by three pairs of hands, which take care of video production, organization and the smooth running of the whole day.

We know that perfect photos and videos are crucial for those of you who view and order our pieces. We always strive for not only high-quality, but also useful shots, so that you can see the cut in detail from different angles.

Throughout the long day, we pay attention not only to the best possible results, but also to the pleasant atmosphere and experience of all involved. There must be a nice playlist in the background, plenty of water and coffee behind the scenes, healthy snacks and a fresh lunch. Short breaks for refreshments help us maintain a good mood and concentration!

The day we take photos of the new collection is full of joy for us - from the fact that we will show you the pieces soon, and also because of the imaginary completion of several months of ant work tuning them into perfection. We hope that our enthusiasm and great atmosphere in the studio is reflected in the photos themselves. We are already looking forward to the next time.