organic materials

We trust in organic and sustainable materials, that's why from the very beginning we knew that if possible, we will work mainly with them. We care about making our pieces considerate towards the environment and the planet, but also towards the human work and the lives of individuals – those that stand behind the making of fabrics in the fashion industry.  At the same time, our goal is to create quality wardrobe essentials for every woman's closet, from the best and pleasant to touch materials. Most of our materials are organic, and, if possible, with the GOTS or other certificate. 

GOTS certificate (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a guarantee that all plants – wool, hemp, silk – used for the making of fabrics are in BIO quality, meaning they are not genetically modified nor chemically treated, as well as grown in the most frugal way. Adults working in a safe environment and with an adequate support were involved in the process of making the fabrics. Children hands and forced labour are NOT allowed with GOTS, which is highly important for us. 

Organic materials are the perfect choice not only for their low impact on the environment and human lives, but for the sole feeling of wearing them. Clothes made from trust-worthy fabrics are soft and pleasant on the skin, they are firmer, therefore (usually) untransparent, keep their shape and stay in the closet for a very long time.  

Products from organic materials are a win-win choice not only for all of the participants, but for the entire world. Trust that wearing sustainable organic pieces brings a feeling of responsibility and confidence. The meaningfullness of fashion is our core value, we believe that less is more and that all of our principles are purposeful not only now, but for the future. 

With the right care, our organic pieces will last in your wardrobe for years. More about how to take care of different types of fabrics is right in the description of each product.